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Our Support and Capabilities

North Lynx, LLC is a Vermont-based Building Automation System supplier.  We are Tridium certified in the Niagara "N4" Framework and TACO certified in "Clarity 3" for installations and service.  Our main focus is Automatic Temperature Control using today's open Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems. Our open systems support Access Control, Video Surveillance, Lighting Control and Energy software to monitor and better understand your building energy. We strive to meet our customers' everyday business needs and to deliver on time with 100% satisfaction. Our goal is to be our customers' only service provider.

In today's connected buildings, the issues we face are both challenging and complex. With our service levels, our clients can trust that our integrated solutions will be maintained and supported throughout their life-cycle.

Direct Digital Control

Our open platform support today's industry standard communication protcols such as BACnet, Lon Works and MODbus. Our technology enables us to integrate these systems to give you the connected building. Our platforms can run stand alone or networked together. All of the information can be viewed independently or together with unlimited connectivity.  Our systems leverage your IT infastructure and will augment your system updates and regular maintenance requirements.    

Energy Management

Understanding your building energy usage can yield paid dividends. Our energy suite software will allow you to deep dive into your building's  energy consumption. Our dashboard will keep this information in front of you with real time energy data. Our programs will trend, store and archive the data that is most useful to you for optimal energy saving strategies. Building equity through energy savings is the overall goal.

Access Control - Video Surveillance

The investment you have in your company, your building and your people is an important reason to keep these assets secure and protected. Our card access and video surveillance system will allow you to track and record your daily events. Whether it's using your smart phone, tablets and other connected devices or simply viewing your property and perimeter from within your facility, our systems will keep you close to your investments and assets.

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